Malcesine by morning

Out in the streets before the rest of the tourists wake up. Had a wish to kind of 'have the town for myself' in order to make some pictures in monochrome.

The narrow Streets. The houses. The shops. The corners and piazzas. It all invited to experiment with monochrome. So I got out of bed earlier than usual. Left the hotel with my mobile and took a stroll  in the heart of the town.

I was indeed alone in the sense of being a tourist. Only the locals were up, getting shops and resturants ready for another busy day. The weather was bright but slightly cloudy. So I had not to worry about too much contrast in my pictures when taken. I would rather work with that in the postprocessing later.

Here You find 8 pictures, the result of my morningstroll in Malcesine. I have tried to make som slightly 'punchy' monochromes. Or black and whites if You wish.

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